#1 - Review the Benefits
  • Automated timekeeping is a powerful tool for employers in managing labor costs.  Organizations can literally reduce labor costs by thousands of dollars each month by minimizing employee time theft, human error in payroll preparation, and time spent by managers and payroll clerks processing payroll. 

    Beyond the cost savings, however, it's a valuable management tool.  Take the time to understand how immensely valuable automated timekeeping solution is for businesses.
#2 - Try the Online Demo
  • Because there is such a broad variety of timekeeping features and programs, selecting a timekeeping device can take quite some time, especially if product demos require the involvement of the vendor.  This site, however, offers instant access to our live online demo.  Take advantage of this tool and you'll better understand how user-friendly our product is and whether or not it will meet your needs.  You'll find our service to be very intuitive and useful.
#3 - Select a Time Clock
  • Once you've decided to automate your timekeeping solution, selecting the "best fit" time clock for your organization is the next step.  To simplify your search, you should approach this decision by asking the following questions:

        >> How would you like to collect punches from employees?  Biometrically?  Through a badge swipe?
        Over the phone or Web? Via proximity badge? etc. 

        >> Another question to consider is how your data will be sent to the Web from your office location?  Your
        office should already have some sort of connectivity set up, whether it be your company fax line, your
        existing phone system, or your network.

        We offer three connection types, including basic Analog (fax/phone line), Ethernet (digital), and cellular
        (GSM wireless).

        >> The final question to consider is "features." Are there any specific features your hardware needs to
        offer, such as a built-in printer, a bell chime, a biometric finger scan, etc.?
  •  Use the tools and information provided in this site to assist you in deciding what timekeeping solution
     works for you.